Jug-shaped vase

 •  15 februari 2020

Porcelain or clay; handpainted multicoloured flowers and leaves on a white glazed background; mark on base is hand painted.

Vraag over dit voorwerp

Does anything about the shape, the painted design or the mark suggest that this is Delft, or that it is a copy? In either case, from where and from when please?

Height 13cm

Reacties 2

white shard is made of clay, not porcelain, is new, underglaze painting, handpainted, made at De Delftse Pauw Art Pottery, after 1954, the company is a few hundred meters from the municipal border of Delft, greeting jvdh.

Thank you Jan! This is what I thought it would be. I have also emailed the people at De Delftse Pauw for confirmation. Maybe they will be able to narrow the year down a little, based on the mark. Or maybe not...