A plate attributed to De Metaale pot (Lambertus Cleffius)?

 •  28 oktober 2015
22.5 cm
Unieke code

I believe it is very hard to attribute a piece to a Delft-maker without the mark. The problem is that many Delft-painters worked for different factories in their careers. Next to that some factories co-produced objects or ordered Delftware with each other.

I had an almost identical plate in my collection marked LVE.


Dear Suzanne

Thank you for your advise. I agree that it is very difficult to attribute pieces of unmarked Delftware.

Roger, thank you for your reaction which gives another clue that the plate might have been produced at De Maatale Pot. I find the way the chrysanthemums are painted to be very indicative of a Metaale Pot attribution.

Regards Jan