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  • Not Delftware


  • Not made in Delft The term Delftware┬áis only used for earthenware actually produced in Delft. Read more
  • More recent production technique After 1850, factories in and outside Holland developed more efficient and cheaper production techniques. This goes beyond the scope of this website. Read more
  • Not hand-painted Due to historical research, we keep discovering more about the marks Delft potteries used. Would you like to learn more about these potteries? Read more
  • No mark visible No mark is visible in the photos. If it is present, please add some extra photos of the bottom or the back of the object.

Dit soort schouwstellen, met een klok in het midden, soms ook met een jardiniere in het midden, werden in grote hoeveelheden gemaakt in de eerste helft van de 20e eeuw.