Prince William V of Orange


Small vase with image of Prince William V on the front.



I am wondering if anyone is able to identify age/maker of this piece. I would also love to see any pieces that went with it. The mark looks to possibly be Van den Briel but there’s not the additional flourish on the B. Thank you!


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Maker you proposed seems correct:

Widow Van den Briel-Elling, owner 't Fortuyn, 1759-1771

De vase is marked Prins Willem De Vijfde. He was born in March 1748 and installed as Stadshouder when he was 18. So, this vase was made after 1766 and before 1771.

The people that supported the prince, would show their support by buying and showing their delftware. 

The vase is part of a 10 piece set. 2 cornet vases with lids and 3 balluster vases with lids.

Thank you for the information, I truly appreciate it! I’d love to see the rest of the pieces some day.