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This is not a vase made by Anthony Pennis. It is a much later copy witha a fake Anthony Pennis signature. A fun detail is, that the real material from his factory is very often signed with just AP and ALL the fakes are ALWAYS signed with AP 3N (and often other fantasy scribbles)

Also, Delft painters were paid per piece, not per hour, so they spent as little time as possible on a signature/mark. 
AP registered trademark

Also, some of the marks were registered with the Saint Lucas guild in Delft, which stipulated exactly what their signature looked like. They were not allowed to deviate from the registered trade mark.

You can find details on The Saint Lucas Guild on this website!


Thank you. Now I know about it.



  • Niet-Delfts


  • Niet in Delft gemaakt Delfts aardewerk wordt alleen zo genoemd als het echt in Delft is geproduceerd. Lees meer
  • Vals merk In de 19de eeuw ontstaat een financiële prikkel om recenter gemaakt aardewerk te verkopen als antiek Delfts aardewerk, soms zelfs voorzien van valse D Lees meer