Unknown large bowl or charger


Heavily restored large bowl or charger with purple and yellow decoration including what look like tulips around the edges. Central figure is a man climbing a hill outside a town. He is carrying something mysterious. It is marked SP. There are no indications of kiln supports. There is a hole at the top in the back to hang this. The hole has glaze in it that looks to have been there when it was fired.


Any information would be helpful. I don't know if this is from the Netherlands. It is possibly English or Italian. It could also be modern, but it gives the impression of age. The clay is as described in the video, and it is definitely some kind of tin glaze. The restoration is extensive, but it is still a nice object. It belonged to a friend's mother who passed away, and they hoped to have more information. I assume it has no value because of the damage, but I hope it has some historical interest. Thank you.

Round - 33cm
Height - 6cm

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Hello, it tells the story of Samson carrying the gates of Gaza. ( Bible Book: Richt. 16:1-3.)

This is an early? 20th. century, replica / fake.

Often sold as a genuine piece, not made in Delft, probably made in a French factory for tourists.

Even in perfect condition not an important piece.

Sorry that I cannot give any better information.

Hello Edwin,

Thank you! It will make the family feel less guilty about it being smashed to pieces and poorly reassembled (lol). What was really bothering me was not understanding the image. I thought he was carrying parts of a boat.

I hope you are surviving the weather wherever you are.




  • Niet-Delfts


  • Niet in Delft gemaakt Delfts aardewerk wordt alleen zo genoemd als het echt in Delft is geproduceerd. Lees meer
  • Nieuwere productietechniek Na 1850 ontwikkelen fabrieken in binnen- en buitenland efficiëntere, goedkopere productietechnieken. Dit aardewerk valt buiten de scope van deze site. Lees meer
  • Handbeschilderd Een belangrijk kenmerk van authentiek Delfts aardewerk is dat het handgeschilderd is. Druktechnieken komen op dit aardewerk niet voor. Lees meer
  • Merk van niet-Delftse plateelbakkerij/fabriek Het typische Delfts aardewerk inspireert ook producenten buiten Delft, maar écht Delfts aardewerk is alleen in Delft gemaakt. Lees meer

Nothing to add to Edwin’s keen identification.