Large Delft Blue Charger Plate


Per attached photo


I am confused on the year mark. There is a "L" and also a "DN" on the back. Seller claimed it's from late 90s'. Well "L" stands for 1890, and "DN" stands for 1994. The plate itself looks old with crackles.

It's from a big store at Delft selling both new and antique items.

Anyone can shed a light here on the built year?

Many thanks!

Lee J

38cm diameter

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Hi Lee, I think you're right with the year code being L for 1890. That amount of crackle doesn't appear on a piece from 1994. The painter's initial looks like a DW to me which ties in with J. de Wilde who worked for the porceleyne fles between 1886 and 1901. 

Kind regards, Patrick