Two related plates from De Dubbelde Schenkkan

 •  1 februari 2015
Both 22 cm in diameter
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Dear Jan, thank you for sharing these plates with us! You already have found out a lot about them. As you have written, the mark is used by the Delft pottery De Dubbelde Schenkkan in the period of ownership by Louis Victor 1688-1715. The patterns are wonderful exemples of chinoiserie style, for which Delft is so famous. Patterns of Chinese porcelain were mixed with western decorations to form new decorations. In these examples the center with the horse is painted 'inverted', with the white decoration spared from the blue background, instead of a blue decoration on white.
Have you united the plates? The center pattern repeats on both plates, but that doesn't necessarily mean these plate were produced together. Within factories many similar patterns were produced and then again also by their competitors. In a time when dinner services did not exist yet as we know them today, it would have probably allowed people to match their dining wares more easily. Although chances are that a collector united these plates much later and that they started their lives from the pottery seperately. If only objects could talk! Good luck collecting Delft in Australia, we hope to see more of your Delftware!