Tulip Vase


5 stem vase presumably for tulips or other flower. Blue, yellow, green, orange floral design on white background


We have had this little vase for 30 years, bought in Australia. Unfortunately I have just dropped it breaking two stems. We never found who the maker was but thought Dutch. My questio; is it Dutch, how old and is it worth keeping in current damaged state?

13cm high
10cm wide

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Hello, it is Dutch and I only recognise the mark from "De Delftse Pauw" factory, the Dutch peacock loosely translated. I don't know much about painters signatures and year codes this company used to use but maybe someone else might be able to help you with that. Valuations are not given on this website though.

Thank you Patrick,that is really useful as I was unable to find maker in my own internet searches.

Interesting to see the factory's demise was only last last year!