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Dear Betty, Unfortunately your Delftware blue and white urn is a late 19th century / 20th. century copy. The trained eye can see in less than a second it is not old. Also the mark is fake. Sorry I couldn't give you a more positive info, With kind regards, Edwin van Drecht. Ps. And maybe even not made in Holland but in the Northern France / Lille?

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Dear Edwin,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my inquiry. I am quite amused because my Italian maternal grandmother acquired this urn at the auction, in the late 1940s, of items that had once belonged to the Italian Royal family. Clearly, whoever purchased this urn on behalf of the Royal family knew it was a fake, and passed it as an authentic Delft.

Warm regards, BB

Dear Betty, Thank you for your note. In general I am not happy to give people this kind of information that a treasured article is not what they think it is. I see many pieces of Delftware offered on, also, foreign, auctions and many times these pieces are very late copies of the originals. Well, it is a nice decorative object which was bought by your Italian maternal grandmother simply because she liked it. I think that the most important factor. So simply enjoy it in your home. With kind regards, Edwin van Drecht.